In some ways

luketoby_fortelYou telling me something. I see you, and i can whispering you ‘how much i missing you’, despite i feel you close to me. I have said something it would happens. It happened, in someways, i never seen many shoots or video with you, in a short time. And it has happened. Despite our distance we are always connect. You tell me always something, and i feel it. I dont know how can is it possible, but it is so. Everything can link to our parallel world, and now i believe it. All that is began last december, it can be related only to our magic world.
Meanwhile i writing this few words, i still whispering your name, and something inside of me, it says me, you have feel it. Close our eyes at the same time, and we entering in our parallel world. You taking my hand. You’re in front of me. We no moves, just looking at us. I caress your face. And now, i see your surprise. You have realized only now, how’s is strong our connection. I’ve realized all that, but like you, i’m almost speechless. My heart beats like a crazy one. Our connection, our parallel world does exists, for real. And we cant do anything about it. In someways we are link. We are connect in the most beautiful way. With our hearts, ours souls, but above all, with our minds.
Tell me, you feel the same connect.



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