Your glance

cherry6ae7_scuri-2Goes beyond your feelings. Tell me what you thinking. I see in that your look, that you would to stay in other place. Tell me, with whom would you like to be? I slowly  whispering your name. I closing my eyes, i take a breath, and slowly, very slowly, i feeling, something of mine, get connect with you. I feel your mind would to run away. I’m here. Slowly, almost to dont disturb you, i whispering again your name. In a second, i realized, you’ve feel it. Despite our distance, we are connect. Slowly, we take our hands, and we entering, in our parallel world without take off ours glances. Now we are in front one of another. I take your face in my hands. Whispering you ‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ You taking my hands to your heart, and eyes in eyes, you tell me ‘I’ve realized how much i missing you’. You’ve say that me with your nostalgic eyes. I’m touching your sweet face. ‘It’s hard also to me’. To be near, but also be so far one of another, in this way. To stay close with only the strenght of our connection, sometimes isnt enough. How many times, i’ve said it. Sometimes i feel need to stay in front of you, for real. To feel your hands on me, and my hands on your chest. Sliding them in your shirt and let it falls down on your arms, and caress your bare chest, while you shy smile me. Looking at up to the sky and see our lights, dancing and melting together. While we need to feel what we feel for eachother. Whispering us what we feeling, we remain speechless and breathless for what we’ve just say to us, only looking at us one in another.
Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you. Our parallel world is here.


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