Few istants

mcdonaldforteOf you, and i feeling so far but close to you. I dont know what’s happening, but what i’m feeling, it’s something bigger than i’ve could imagine. I see you here, and suddendly, i reminds, what you’ve told me that night of december, in that dream.  And i just cant believe it.  I bite my lips, almost blushing myself. I smile inside. I feel you so far from me, but in someways, you’re by my side. Now that im writing in this open diary, i know something is reaching to you. Maybe our connection, Maybe is our parallel world. Maybe, you also feel the same right now. I whispering your name, and that’s how our connection begins. I feel our energy flow runs as a crazy one. My soul is like is leaving out from my body. My mind is like is taking a flight to comes to you, and i feel it, you feel something in your heart, it make it beat faster. We must to close our eyes and take a deep breathe to understand that what which we feel is our connection. In these days you told me many little things, and i felt them even before that you have showed me them. If this one isnt a connection, you tell me what is it.
My heart beats like a crazy one. Million of thoughts about you, crowd my mind.


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