Dont look at

00323sovrappostoMe in this way, cause you knew, i felt you so close to me, in these days. Woke myself, with my vise in my stomach so stronger than ever. And it’s still in. And if in next hours, you will tweet something, i’ve seen it in my mind, i will have the certain we are connected, and for sure our parallel world wants us unites. Yesterday night, when i’ve see these visualizations, i just dont wanted believe it. Our connection is strong. Here, in my bedroom, i feeling a lot of emotions that comes from you. And the only person i can say that, is you. And i know, in someways…. you feel the same. I’m sorrounding by emotions, and i know something is reaching to you.  I have a sensantion, that something will happens in few time. If it this real will happens, i will run away, hiding myself. These feelings i feel are so strong and are all comes from you.
If something will happens, i knew it even  before it happen. And dont tell me that it was just coincidence, ‘cuz, now i really dont believe it.



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