Tell me…

Imclusckie014_pluniforme-1f it’s not a signal from our parallel world, that it wants unites us. Can you explain it to me. When i’ve see it, something inside of me it is exploded, like a bomb. Million of  differents  emotions was exploded at the same time. And aint the first time it has happening, but when it happens, everytime it’s like the very first time. Maybe it happens also too you, i really dont know, but when it happens here, my emotions, my feelings drives crazy. When happens, millions of thoughts exploding in my head, and i feeling you so close to me. As now. I must to close my eyes and i must to take a deep breath, to dont drive crazy. What does wants our parallel world tell us? It wants to tell us something, im sure of this. I remained breathless. You looking at me in this way, maybe you awaiting for something, looking for it in my eyes. I’m doing the same, looking at your glance. We waiting for something more bigger than our imagination. Here, in my bedroom, i  hold back my tears, but with some difficulties. I see it and i thinking to you, and i feel you do the same, on the other side of the planet. I’ve feel, it, you’ve whisper my name, slowly.
My head exploding, like my heart, i ìf i think to all that and i just cant believe it. And you?



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