You be

forte-sq-e1450302296540around me, and i feel you close to me. You have whispered my name, i’ve close my eyes and i’ve see you. I feel your presence by my side. Your presence it’s like a white veil dancing in this bedroom. I close my eyes and i feel you from behind, that you embrace me. Our connection it get bigger. My emotions, what i feeling when you’re close to me, overwhelm me. I really dont know what to think.  I love when we get connect and you take my hand to enter together in our parallel world. Our lights dancing one in another, melting. Our souls dancing in the air. In the middle of all that, we are  in front one of another. We look at us, we touch on us. We remain standing, surprising ourselves what we feeling in this moment, despite our real distance. I feel your smell, i feel your soft hand on me. You don take off eyes on me. I remain as like hypnotized. Slowly we making our love.


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