You can smile

dailyforte-1At these things, but i remaining speechless. It’s true, our parallel world want unites. Our minds get connecting in this moment i feel it. My vise in the stomach is more strongest than ever, and i feel you turn around me. There are too many coincidences that unites us. And now  this last, i’ve find in bathroom I can hold back my tears, but it’s hard. I really dont know if laugh or make overwhelm me, by one of the most big emotion i’m feeling in this moment. If i think to all that, i could drive crazy, but dont drive crazy and that’s enough, beyond. I begin to think on how it is possible. These little things, make grow up more bigger my emotions, our connection. Now, you dont know how i feel you so close to me. I need to make a deep breath to calm me. My heart beats so fast. If i close my eyes, i see you turn around me. My feeling are made of these little sensations, coincidences, that for me they are not, but simply little signals from our parallel world, that wants unites us.  And i gather them, and put all together.
You can smile to all these things, but for me, are little signals and they says me, that one day we will meet. And this make me beats fast my heart.  Now im living in a big emotion that only you give me.


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