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michealhutch_fortewWhat you think when your eyes meets mine. When your glance get in me, because what which i see in your eyes is something magic, what which i feel when we connect, it’s like my mind expands. and what which i feel around me, inside me, it as if slowing down, and only we existed. Our energies flow is unique. I cant still explain what is happening among us, but it is so. In the lastest months i thought it was a my condition, but i had the confirmation that nothing has changed. What which i feel when you’re close to me is something that goes beyond. I feel, you turn around me. You’re here, with me. In our parallel world. Despite our distance, we are close. I feel your eyes on me. On what which i writing in this open diary, despite i haven’t the certain, that you reading what i write. But i feel your presence is strongย in these minutes, hours.
In these days, i’m feel you are around, and you want embrace me. It’s like, you stretch your hands to caress my face. I feel your touch. I feel your arms around me. It’s like you would say me ‘I want to stay with you, please come to me’. I feel, this is your desire. Our connection is growing fast, i feel it, you feel it. Our parallel world say it us.


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