How much

mikemccluskie02_forte-1I need to feel you close to me, and you feel it. Our minds get connect. I need to feel your embrace. You that hold me. you tell me to close my eyes. You embracing me tighter and together, we take flight. I see our parallel world in your eyes, while we are in front one of another. Eyes in eyes, without tell us nothing. What which we want to tell us, we know it already. Our glance speaks. It’s enough to look at us. In your eyes, there is an universe in which i would like to dive in. In mine, you see what which i feel for you. What i see in your eyes is the most beautiful sun i’ve ever seen. It warms me, and that’s i really need it. And i’ve found you. It’s incredible what you giving to me, also with only a glance. What i feel, despite our distance, it’s like you was here watching to me. I feel you around me. Sometimes i feel you embrace me softly from behind, and i need to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy.
Sometimes, i feel you close to me in an incredible way, that i say myself ‘aint impossible’ instead it is so. Does real exists our parallel world? It’s from four months, i asking myself, if you feel the same, what i feel. Maybe i will never have no any answers. But i can say you, here in this open diary, that what which i feel when i feel you close to me, it makes me feel quiet, it had open my mind and it makes me feel aware, that there is some kind menthal connection among people, also if they doesnt know eachother. And our connection is one of these.


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