Here i’m


You have waited for me. I have feel it. You turn around me. If i close my eyes i see you. My heart beats so fast. You looking at me, asking me ‘Why you have take so long to come?’ I feel, you hold me so tight. My vise in my stomach get bigger.  I have your eyes on me. Holding me tight, slowly, we enter in our parallel world. You dont tell me ‘Don’t leave me’, but i feel it, your soul screams it. I feel your soul calming down, now that we are in front. You take my hand to your chest. I feel your heart get slow. I see your chest trough your white shirt. Once again, you take my hand to your chest, but now, you  let it slide in your shirt. I feel your need to stay by my side. I remain breathless. I must to close my eyes, to dont drive crazy. You need me. I take a deep breath and i look at you. Slowly, i make fall down your shirt, over your arms, till on the floor. You didnt take off your glance me. In that glance, i’ve seen for real,  something i never imagine to find. Something beyond love. You begin to touch on me, like i was, someone, that you have looking for long time, and finally you’ve find it.
‘I have find you, and i dont let you go’, it seems you say me. You take my face in your hands. Our eyes in one in another. And what we see around us are our lights.
A last whisper ‘Don’t leave me, i need you’.
We make ours love.



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