Waiting for you

croppedluke_forteI close my eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to imagine you, close to me. Trying to feeling your profume. I calling you. But tonight you are so far from me. I dont feel the usual vise in my stomach, when i feel you by my side.  I repeat myself ‘it cant happens each night’, but it would be fantastic. Our connection is so strong, when we connect one of another. We have a bond so strong, also if we dont know what it is for real. But for sure, it does exists. When i look at your eyes, my soul opening to the most beautiful experiences of my life. Someone can defines it, telepathy. I describe all that as ‘Ours Parallel World’.  And isnt magic, or my madness. It’s just something we have inside, both of us. We know it, just us, we only feel us it. And when we feel it, it’s a such beautiful feeling. In our parallel world, you told me things that would realized. Can you imagine, how can feel myself.
Writing these few lines, i’m feel close to you. Now i close my eyes, something tells me, you hearing me. You know what to do. And we get connecting one of another. It’s  a great feelin what which i’m feeling right now. It gets bigger inside of me. Maybe i’ll be a crazy one, but since i was child i have had these sensations, and i didnt never wrong. And these sensations, emotions get bigger. Now my thoughts are all toward to you. Now i feel our connection is began. You have whispered my name. Ours souls meets, and our parallel world welcome us.
If all that it was the begining of our real world?


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