You came

And sweetly you embraced me. You wanted to tell me  ‘I’m here, close to you’. You embraced me while i was sleeping. You’ve lie down close me, and sweetly you embraced me. I felt you. What which i felt it was one of the most sweet embrace you gave me, since our connection is began. And still now i feel you close to me. Here where is began our feelings. Yes i feel you by my side. And surely i dont tell you, how i realized it, because you, already know it. But i let you know, i remain always speechless, when this happens. And i’m sure you feel something inside of you eachtime we get connect.
I looking for your smile. I feeling your closeness is strabilliant. And here, in this bedroom, where is began all that, it seems ampliflied. I need to close my eyes, and take a deep breath to remain float. For to dont drowning in these emotions. Hearts, souls melting in one of the biggest emotions we have feel. I still living the emotion of your embrace. I still smell your skin. Your arms kindly arounds me in the darkness. But in the darkness, with closed eyes, i’ve seen our parallel world explodes around and inside us.  And this beautiful emotion, i living it with you. I want let you know all that.
I want to make me feel still embraced in this way. In a silent and sweet way. And to feel your closeness so strong. If i close my eyes, i can feel you’re behind me, that take a look on what i’m writing in this diary and i can feel you embracing me, whispering me sweet words.  I wouldn’t never awake me from all this. It’s the most emotional thing i’m living. And i’m living it with you.



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