mikedeadman_scuriiWhat which i would like feel is your closeness. I begin to whisper your name. In someway, i know you hear me. I see you look at up to the sky. You hear my ‘I wanna be with you’. Something link us. My mind move away from my body to reach to you, and in an istant, i’m close to you. Something inside of me says me, our connection is begining. I’m toward to you and that rope it unites us, it gets bigger, and everything arounds us, dissappears. And our minds, slowly connect one of another. Altough i feel you still far from me. I miss you, when this does happens. But i know that aint possible that eachday it can happens. You’re on other side of the planet and i’m here in my bedroom.  Neither, i dont know where are you exactly in this moment.
I wanted lost my self in your eyes. I try to don’t think about my leg that hurts me. I wanted to dream about us, in our parallel world, whlle we dance into ours lights, while we touch us sweetly…while we make our love, made of little kisses, whispers and glances.
I’ll wait for the next time. I know it will be soon. In meanwhile i whisper you  something, only your heart can hear.



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