You dont

mikemcn_forteHave idea, how i love work on your movies, making my own videos. Just looking at you while you acting, it make me feel so happy. You make me happy with few. And i really want let you know it. You push me to improve myself always more. You maybe you will never see my works. But, when i works on my projects, something says me, in someways, you know it. That’s our parallel world does.
Maybe you know, how you make me feel happy when you tweet something and i’m the only person who reply you. And maybe you’re happy too that there is someone who ask you ‘how are you?’, and you smile to this simple question from this crazy girl,  which i’m.
Maybe you really dont know which role you have in my life. A person who which i can say everything with no shame.  A person who i really need in this period of my life, and a person i feel close to me, with which i have  a special bond, despite our distance.
And despite you dont know me, you feel something you link us.
Maybe one day we will able to meet us.



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