What which

mikemc03forteiI feel when you’re close to me, despite i know where are you now, it’s an inexplcable feeling. I feel your closeness  make so strong, everytime my toughts are toward to you. And now i feel your next to me. What which i would like to is only to hug you and whisper you ‘How much i need you, how much i would like to be next to you’. And i’m sure, you can hear my thoughts, my feelings, and my emotions. You need to look at up the sky, and you can feel it. What i really need is to escape from this world, with you to enter in ours parallel world and stay with you, also without say nothing. I need to be embraced by you. Hearing your breath and dive myself in your eyes, what which i’m feel right now is the same you feeling, wherever you are and whatever you doing.  I close my eyes and what which i feeling is you.  You’re are with me. What which i feel is magnificient. And what which i’m feeling is only your presence by my side and that’s i really need it. Embrace me.


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