My heart explodes


When you coming to me in this way. Your light illuminates me. And the only thing i feel is you. My vise is stronger. My only desire is you, and what which you feel, it’s the same. I close my eyes, but it was enough to look at you, and our parallel world exploded around us. In our world we are only us. What which we feel for us is just our minds get connecting one of another. If we close together, ours eyes, what which see is this continuos flow of energies. They coming and going. My heart, is fill of yours emotions. And you do the same with mine.  We are in different places, but when we look at up the sky, whispering ours names, we feeling us closer than ever.
Right now i’m feeling you close to me. Continuosly, our flow get connect us, and what which we feel is in the air, but above all in our souls, in ours hearts. What which i feel for you, is growing up each day it pass.
When i think about our emotions, what which we are feeling while we writing, it’s the same, i only must take a deep breath, and i think, what we will say to us, the day we will meet us for real, if we living the same feelings in this moment, and despite our distance, we  feel the same emotions. Are we souls mate?



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