What i feel

bass_fortee7It’s just a ours thing. Nobody cant say nothing about it. What we have created nobody cant destroy it. When i feel close to you, it’s a such beautiful thing. Like now. I feeling your closeness. You’re around me and that’s beautiful. And when i feel with you, i’m feel so secure.  In our parallel world, we does existing just us and nobody cant enter in. I need your embrace, your glance and your whispers. I feel you so close to me right now. I dont need to close my eyes, I need only to take a deep breath. You looking at me. I remain breathless. Despite your distance i feel your closeness in a such way. In someway, I feel your eyes on me, on what im doing,  on what im writing. And in someways, i feel, i dont how, that you look on this diary. And this the right way to reach you.
You know, what you gave me and what you still giving me, and in someway, i want  to give you something back… And you feel it. What which you still giving me it’s such a beautiful world of emotion,  we are living it together. Thats Our parallel world.
I never stop to thank you for this.


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