If you

lmcm02e_forteCome to me looking at me in this way, i just can only blush. But you dont say nothing. You only look at me, and begin to touch me sweetly, i only can do is leaving you what you want to do, looking at your eyes. You put my hands on your chest. I can feel the softness of your t-shirt. Your eyes always on me. In them i see our parallel world explodes around us. And your lips approaching to me. You dont kiss me yet, but our lips touching sweetly. And only a phrase is flying in the air ‘Stay with me’.  I need to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. But you succedded. You continuing to touch on my face. I blush a while, but i slide my hands in your shirt and for magic, it falls down on the floor, and i begin to caress to your bare chest till reach to your hips. But what i want to do is only looking at your eyes. And touching on your neo on the skin, then to reach to your lips and caress them kindly. And then make dive my soul in your in a kiss sweet, and to see our lights turns around us, making us take the flight, in a twirl of emotions.


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