Like a bomb

luke_realeHere you are here, close to me. Earlier to modified my pic or also not, i must write what are my feeling. Yes, you are like a bomb in my stomach, my vise is began stronger in a second, and i felt you was here, with me. I dont need to close my eyes, i see you that you look at me, while im writing these few  lines in this diary. I can say, admit, i have missed you last night.
Though, if i close my eyes, i feel you behind me, and i feel your hands hold tight my chest, and i can feel your breath slowly making it faster, and i feel your breath close to my neck. I closing my eyes and i feel your mouth caressing my skin. Here it’s our parallel world. What we feel is our souls melting together, and above all our minds connecting eachother. And what we feel now is flying in the air, and we must to look at up the sky and we see our feelings becoming in a moltitude of colors that turning around us. We in front one of another, you taking my hands to your chest. Your heart beating like a crazy one. And a your whisper ‘How i’ve missed you, last night’, and your hands caress my face. Your finger reaches to my lips, almost open. Breathless, i dont take you off on my eyes, and slowly what i feeling exploding in your eyes. You feel it, as i feel your emotions in your heart. For a second we look at us, then we approaches us more. Face to face, eyes in eyes, slowly we kiss us in one of passionate kiss we never we gave us.


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