I looking at you

foxluke_forte9And what i see is your soul sparkling. I’m calling you, i feeling you a little far from me. What are you doing? I look at up the sky and i see our lights dancing. My mind is slowly connecting with yours. But something it blocks ours real connection. I see you far, but you have see me. Our glances meets themselves. Your heart beat slowly more fast. I’ll be here, i’ll waiting for you, in our parallel world. I see you there, your glances are towards to me, and i feel you whisper my name. Your deep voice reaches to me, and it’s like your warm embrace. I close my eyes and i feel you here next to me. Despite your distance, now what i feel is your thought, and it’s like you are here. Our parallel world did the magic. Our feeling are the same. I’ve called you. You did hear me. And now, in someway, we are connecting us, slowly but we do. My vise in stomach slowly growing up. But what i feel the most, is your thought towards to me. And my breath make slowly faster. That’s how our connection works.
Tonight it’s so. What i feeling is what i’m writing now. And i know you feel the same. I see you there.¬† Busy in what are doing, but something it have say you, i’ve calling you, and you have had feel it. And what i see in my little amethyst is our little world that it turns with its million colors. I just only can i say you ‘I miss you’.



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