Imagination or…

john_scuri93What i’m feeling is the same you feel right now. Or for real is there something it link us, and you still dont know what is, or we know it, but we still we wont admmited it. What is happening between us is something of incredible. We neither are aware of it, but we know it does real exists. Maybe also you have that strange feeling and you dont know that is our connection, that is our parallel world, but you are aware that there is something you cant explain it. I know what is, just because i’m feel this bond coming from you. I knew it since that dream i’ve had, and you told me that what you’ve tell me. I see your glance, it’s like mine. A while lost, and what you think is  ‘to whom i say it?’. You can say it to me, because i feeling the same you feel. I feeling lost, but when i feeling in this way, my mind, my toughts, and each part of me is towards to you. And that’s i really want in this moment of my life. And who i’ve met?  You.  You are aware to give me that emotions i really need. You are able to talk to me, despite our distance and above all you dont really know me. But something of magic had wanted unites us in this wonderful world that’s just ours parallel world. A world made of sensations, feelings and above all of our sensibility, and i believe is this that unites us strongly. Our sensibility is our strenght, our own love.


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