If you only

lukegeorgejin_forte9Knew what i’m feeling in these hours…maybe you know it.I just need to see your sweet face, your wonderful eyes and im feeling like in a twirl of emotions. I close my eyes and i feel you here close to me. You looking at me with your glance, while you taking my hands and together we entering in our parallel world, in a sweet way. You know it, you’re the only person, who i really need to feel close to me, and you giving me this possibility. Our connection is strong in these hours. I know you feeling the same im feel. I never felt myself in this way with nobody else’s. What i see in your eyes is only what i need.
Your eyes in mine, me in front of you, our lights dancing arounding us, but above all your whispers that says me you feeling the same despite our distance. Our minds get connecting  and we feel us.
The feelings im feel in these hours is the most emotion i ever felt, since our connection is began. I dont know what is, but i know something is in the air. Our connection is like a warm bleeding stab in my heart, in my soul. I remain breathless, speechless, when i feel this feelings. I feel you so close to me, in a way, i  never felt mysef so close to you in this way. My soul, my mind, almost comes out from my body. And my heart driving crazy.
Maybe you take me as a crazy, but it’s what im feeling when i feel  when we connect us. Maybe you think i’m crazy, maybe not, because you feeling the same, the same bond. That something unites us strongly.


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