When the feelings

comin78_forteStill sorrounding me, i cant hold back them. I must let coming them out. And what i’m feeling in this moment, it’s like a  emotions storm. What i’m feeling is you around me, next to me. Our energies flow is continuos, and it doesnt wants stop. I feeling you here. I dont need to close my eyes. My vise in stomach growing up fast. I see you looking at me, and i’m sure, you want to say me something. I’m here, i feeling what are your feelings. They are like mine. They are battling to coming out, to reaching to me. I feeling something inside of me, since before. Our connection, ours parallel world is patently here. I feel it, you feeling the same. Ours minds are link with something bigger we cant explain neither to us. I feel you. And you feel me. We close feel to us in a way we never felt. You have something to say to me. You’re by my side, you looking at me, you touching my hands, i feel your closeness in this way. Your sweet smile. I feeling you embracing me.  My feelings are becoming so big and  want i really need is only you, here  close to me. I looking at your eyes and what you want to say to me, it will be in a whisper and i will understand it.
Hold me now tight.


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