Many times

longfuck_scoloraOften, i asked myself, if you rembember about me. How many times you’ve read my name in your tweet comments, and if you link to that name to me. I hope, by now, you know me at least as one of your ‘friend’. I dont believe you have met alot girl with the name Daria. I would like to imagine you smiling when you read one of many comment i left you and you link my name to that girl who received one the your few personal tweets, and eachtime you have had liked one of my comments, you had rembembered that i was me.
I still rembember the big emotion when you left me your first, and only, personal tweet. I was breathless, speechess. I was going in that place that real soon it would been our parallel world. And now, in these days, is always present in my mind, in my soul and it make us feel so connect, makes us so close. Also now, i feel your closeness by my side. And it’s fantastic how i feel you here in my bedroom, close to me, despite i really dont  know where are you. I only need to  take a deep breath to feel you embracing me from behind and i feel your whisper ‘Stay with me’ while i closing my eyes. I feel you turn in front of me, your hand caressing my face, slowly i open my eyes, and what i see is your glance into mine. And your hand still caress my face, my hair. I standing in front of you, shyly,  i begin to caress yours.  A light breeze arounding us and from our bodies coming out ours lights and together we take flight and we makes our own love.  A sweet love.


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