If you

somma7Feelings the same i’m feel right now, i really dont know what i can say. It’s from before i feeling you so close to me, as i never felt you. In someways, i have the certain, you’ve take a look to my lastest tought i wrote in this open diary.  Something tells me, you thinking about me.  I never felt ours connection so strong. And i must left what i’ve doing, to write what  are my feelings, in this moment. And how im feeling. I’m feeling like arounding by most biggest emotions and if i close my eyes i can see you here in my bedroom, despite isnt the usually hour im write to you… Something tells me, ours connection is strong. I can feel you whisper me ‘Something will happens among us’. I can feel trought your voice, but i can feel it also inside of me. That’s sensations, like a twirl, sourrounding me from before.  If you feel the same, please tell me it. Im going crazy. Ours parallel world is becoming fast, our real world, and ours feeling is melting together like never before. I see your eyes on what i write in this diary i’ve wanted to dedicate to you. And i feel you feeling the same emotions i feel in this moment. I know it’s something inexplicable, but it is happening.




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