billy_forteYou wanted to be with me, and i felt you. Aint a case that in front of me it was your flag, and when i seen it, i fallen like a well of big emotions. Tonight it was a great night. I was with my friends, but i felt my vise in my stomach, like if you called me. And that little signal, that australian flag recalled me to you. And now im in my bedroom, only with my music, ours music, i feeling you close to me. You whispering me ‘I’ve missed you’. You leave me speechless. In your eyes i see what do you want say me. I feel your hands taking mine. Your glance in mine is one of the most deepest you gave me till now. I caressing your face, you let me put my hand on your chest. You dont take off your eyes on me. I’m feeling what you feel. I blush. ‘I knew aint was a case’ i whisper you. You wanted let me know something. My love, you dont know what you make me feel. One of the most greatest feel i ever felt since we connect us. We are so closer than ever. We are in ours parallel world. You are behind me. i feel your warm embrace. I turn myself, and what i see is your glance. ‘I’ve missed you…please dont ever leave me’.
You dont know what you make me feel right now. A mix up of big emotions.

That australian flag in front of me. now i know aint was a case, for real. Was you.
How we feel so close us, right now. I can remain breathless, and you’re here by my side. How we are connect, stronger than ever.



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