murray03_forteWhat i’m feeling in these hours, in these days, it’s something i cant explain neither to me. Your presence is a continuos flow of energies in my body. And your closeness is stronger. It has growing up more fast… I dont know what you feeling,¬† but i know ours connection is over there, and in somewhere our parallel waits for us, to tell us something special. Your smile, your eyes, for me are something magic. Your eyes are our parallel world gates. When i feel you so close to me, lik now, i just only need to close my eyes and taking a deep breath to feel you here next to me. You looking at me and sweetly you taking my hands and we begins to fly among ours lights and our emotions.
Can i be sincere with you? If i think to everything happening between us, i cant hold back tears from my face. You giving me the most biggest emotions i’m living in this period, and i’m feeling so Alive. I must to connect myself with you and what i feeling is such beautiful. My words, my feelings, coming out so easily.. sometimes, often, overwhelms me. I feel, i need of you to feel myself Alive. And these few line i write each day, says¬† what i feeling in these moment. I really need of you. I need of you and nobody else’s. You.


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