If you



Look at me in this way. If you come to me and you look at me i could do not answer for myself. And you know it.
Today i feel you a little far from me, but your presence is in air. I’ve told you, our thin rope unites us so much. It get longer and it get shorter. Now i looking at you in this picture and your glance penetrates me. And i feel what are yours desires, yours eyes tells me everything. But now i feel you a little distant. But our connection is always ready to get link us, i try to calling you, i feeling you feel me. My vise is there. But something blocks it to explodes. I miss you when happening, but i know ain’t always possible to feel ours magic connection. But it’s always there. I feel it, and i know you feel it the same. By now, what has happened last december, it’s something inexplicable, but it has happened. Something, ours parallel world, is born, andĀ  that thin rope has united us.
What i feel in this moment is a mix up of incredible feelings. If you feeling the same, well something happening between us, for real.
I close my eyes and something realizing in this moment. Till now i’ve tried to called you and in this moment, if i close my eyes and i take a long breath, i can feelĀ  you close to me. Do you feel me, as i do. I dont want believe it was only a mind game. I would believe it was our connection.


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