What i feeling

thanxcjt_forteIt’s something more than a strange feeling. Something it says me, what im writing in this open diary, makes us feel closer. What i’m feeling right now, isnt just your presence, right here, by my side, but  it’s something it goes beyond everything we felt till now. My vise in the stomach didnt leave me. You was and you are close to me since i left you my comments on your blog. You’ve read them, im sure. and im sure you’ve read my latest posts i wrote here. I feeling you so close to me, i remain breathless if i close my eyes. You are here. You looking at me. I dive myself in your glance. Slowly we enter in our parallel world, where a hypnotic music welcome us. A touch of you, and a long and deep breath of mine, and ours souls melting together. We are in front of one another. Slowly i approach my hands on your chest. Your soft t-shirt. Slowly i slide my hand in it. Your bare chest. We dont say any words, but you understand what are my intentions. They are yours too.
Right after your t-shirt falls down on the floor. We look at us, for a moment. You caressing my face softly, metioning a smile. We stop us, while we looking at us, eyes in eyes. A whisper fly in the air ‘How much i’ve waited this moment’. Slowly we approaching to kiss us. And everything around us become a moltitude of colors. We taking flight, making our love, made of little kisses, embraces, glances, touches, a little whispers.


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