By now

thanxcforte-1ย It’s almost useless say you what i feeling right now. It’s from two days you didnt leave me neither a second, you’re here by my side, and our continuos flow of energies doesnt stop, it comes and goes. It’s useless ask you ‘Do you feel it’, because you feel it as i do. And my words comes out so easily. I feel you hereย  next to me, and like this music, you hypnotize me with your presence, despite your distance. What i’m feeling right now is one of the biggest feelings i felt till now, and im sure you feel the same. As i repeated, despite we dont know eachother, it was like we do know eachother from always. We were here, but it was enough a click,ย  some thing reallyย  little that it took and our parallel world is born. And there our connection has began.
From last december, it was born something magic, and what we feeling, we feel it at the same time. What you said me, you told it me only to me, in that dream i did, and what it has followed it has becaming something we only know.
What i write in this open diary, in someway, im sure, it reaching to you. You read my words, and what i feeling it’s the same over there, where are you now.
Something inside of me, says me, you have had read what i wrote and you still thinking about my words. About as two persons feel the same feelings at the same time.
I ever knew about your sensibiliity, how much big your heart was. I knew this from i’ve seen in your Long John, but before also in Broken Hill. What i’ve seen in you it was something i didnt ever seen in nobody else’s
What it has happened from last december, it was something special, and it continuos. I love this kind of connection among us. For me it the most beautiful emotion i’m living. And this feeling what i feel i cant explain it, just like a feelings that it goes beyond love. When i feel ths vise in my stomach, i know, for sure you feeling the same.
We must waiting for our meeting. I know it will comes real soon.



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