I still

foxaustralia_forte_cc-1Feel your smell in the air, and in someways i felt your touch. Your hands on my hips. But i turn round myself to looking for you, but you did disappear. I whispering your name. Do you hear me? I looking for you, closing my eyes, taking a long breath. Our parallel world wait for us. I waiting for you. I wait for to dive myself in your eyes, where i can see all i really need.ย  And what i really need you know what is. To looking at your eyes, stand in front of you and to feel your hand taking mine taking it to your chest and to feel your heart beating slowly fast. Your shy smile for me. You taking my face in your hands, and our eyes into eachother.Slowly, you let me slide my hand in your shirt and you let it falls down over your arms and there, ours parallel world explodes trought that little rustle. Our lights begins turning around us and we, like in a multitude of colors, we begins twirl, without ever taking ours eyes off us. We taking flight, and in this way, slowly, we making love. Between our lights, ours feelings and emotions.
Just in this way i’m waiting for you.ย  I whispering your name. Ours Parallel world waiting for us. I waiting for you. While i still feel your smell that arounds me.


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