Here it is

dailycroppedchiariThe push i’ve talked about to you this night. My vise in my stomach and that need to write what i’m feel right now. I left everything  what i was doing to write to you . It’s an inexplicable feeling. I feel  you so close to me, if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath, i feel your presence, in this bedroom, despite your distance. It’s very strange what i feeling right now. I left what i was doing to express you what i feeling in that moment, and at the same time i cant express myself. But i just need to see you and i feel your closeness to me. I need to put on my music, when i write to you. And in someway, i cant hold back what i feeling. What i wrote you in that reply is simply the truth. When i feel that push, it’s because i feel inside of me our connection make  bigger, and i feel you by myside. And i know you feel the same. Ours Parallel World welcome us. I feel you looking at me, deeply, and i feel you taking my hand to your heart. It beating slowly fast. That’s our connection begins. Despite our distance and despite we, still dont know really know eachother, we know something link us, ours feelings, our emotions. Maybe in this exact moment, you have had read my last comment i left you. I really dont know this, but it’s what i feel. Your closeness to me. I must to take again a deep breath to dont remain breathless. What i feel right now is an inexplicable feelings, i feel you close to me. I cant hold back my feelings. They overwhelms me… some tears falls down from my face. If i close my eyes i can see you, here, in front of me, taking my face, caressing my skin, whispering me something i’m not able to comprehend. But we are in front of us. You approaching to me. Slowly, you embracing me, and i smell your skin. Your smell drives me crazy. Everything about us, drives me crazy. Ours connection, our parallel world, what we feel for eachother, because, i’m sure there is something among us. Something inexplicable, but there is. Maybe we never will meet us, maybe we will do, but i’m sure, this bond, is something it unites us, in a special way. Our feelings, our emotions, what we feelings in this period is something bigger, that also you arent able to say what is, but that’s it.
What we feel, it’s just ours. And it will be, till something bigger will happens between us.


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