You talking

brkhlscuriAbout emotions, i writing about feelings and here moltitude of colors it transforms in our parallel world. And i know for sure, what we feel is the same. I just didnt wanted believe it but what i’ve read, your words, i remained speechless. Then that question was directed to me. I realized it after. You and me. You was interested about my other thought. I really hope i not have been banal. What you gave me was one of biggest gift i have had on my birthday.
And now i know, something real, link us:  ours feelings. And when i feel you so close to me, aint just a sensations i feel, but my vise in my stomach wants says me you feel something like me, on other side of the planet. And when i close my eyes, i take a deep breath and i see you by my side, in someways, inside of you feel something like that.
Earlier, when i was on the couch, my dancing butterflies begans to dance their own dance. I opened my eyes for a while. You was close to me. You was writing to me on your blog. I felt you. I just cant believed it. I felt you.  And i when i seen you liked my comment i remained breathless, speechless.
Luke, i really hope you dont take me as crazy one, if you take a look on this open diary. But when i’m here, writing these few lines freely, and my feelings, real feelings, what i feel (and now i know aint just an imagination game, but something real) i can say from the bottom of my heart, you are the only person in this period (that has began last december) you make me feel really Alive. I really need you close to me. I really need to feel these feelings you unconsciously giving me.



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