lngjhnslvr__cut_forteI calling you, and slowly you hearing my whisper. Right now i had a dejavù. My breath making slowly faster. I close my eyes and slowly i begin to feel your presence next to me. In these days i missing you so much, but in someways, i feel you feeling the same. I taking a deep breath and in the air i smell a fresh air, like crystalline. Aint the same air i felt that day. But something similar like that one. If i close my eyes, i feel you are behind me, moving my hair, looking what im writing. You dont say anything but just watch to what i type. I feel your hands hold me tight. Breathless, i close my eyes for a while. Your hands touch on my neck, moving my hair. A whisper from you ‘Close your eyes’. I remain for a second breathless. I close my eyes. I feel you turns round this chair. And suddendly we are in front. You kneel in front of me. Our eyes meets eachother, for the first time, and we are transporting us in ours parallel world. Your hand take my face, your glance into my eyes. You caressing my skin. My hand on your face too. Slowly it reach your skin mole. We let us no look away. But around us ours lights begins their dance. You metioning me a shy smile. Breathless i blush myself. You looking at me for a while. In that glance, what i see is all yours soul beauty and  i can  do not remain surprised that you giving it to me slowly, approaching to me, kissing me.


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