I thought


It was just in  my mind, instead was you, again and with this, you gave me the certain we have this strange bond that i really loving more each day it pass. All that has began one day on last december and it doesnt ever finished. It slowly continuos and everytime i feel those feelings i know our parallel world want us close, despite our distance and despite we doesnt know us enough good. I’m not sure if you rembember about me. But what i feel when i feeling when you’re by my by side aint a thing we dont must underestimate. Our minds get connect eachother. And when i feel, im sure, you feeling something inside of you. Something like a little whisper, it says you to look at up to the sky and whisper my name, also you dont know why that specific name. From that night i began i felt that  feeling, inside of me, it has began this flow of energies between you and me. Also if we didnt ever met eachother, im sure we know about us. Above all you. I began to know you from i’ve seen Broken Hill, but i didnt ever thought to have this kind of feelings with you; to know, to feel when you are online or to feel, few days before, those you have to say, trought social media. Your smile, sometime, surprising me, i remain speechless. I remain breathless, looking at you eyes, i know there is ours parallel world, that waiting for us for real. If we ever meet will meet us one of these future days, months or years. It waiting for us, giving us, in meanwhile these feeling that we just us feel, everytime we get connect eachother. It will our special bond till ours eyes will meet for real.





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