I’m back

owen_pluniforme1-2and you was here to wait for me. In front of me, you take my face in your hands. Eyes in eyes and our parallel world explodes arounds us. Your lips almost open approaches to mine. You kissing me. My hands on your face, begins to caress your skin and slowly reach to your chest. Your glance in my eyes. I feel something more. Breathless i let you kiss my skin. Slowly i slide my hand in your shirt and it  falls down on the floor. Now the only thing i can see is your glance. You’re breathless. I’m speechless. What we feel are ours feelings around us. In the air a whisper ‘How much  i love you’. And our lights begins to dance between us. We look at us. We remain hypnotized by our glances. I take your face in my hands and slowly my finger reaches your mole. You slow close your eyes, i caress your skin. After a while we look at us again. And our warm makes approach us and the only thing we can do is look at our eyes and remain in this way, speechless, breathless.


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