You still


are here around me. You still looking at me, like last night. I feel what are yours feelings, because are the same of mine. Ours vise make bigger in ours stomach, when our thoughts are towards to eachother. I feel your presence here, and i feel your glance on me. And in someway, it make me blush. Your glance has this effects on me, and you knowing, you dont stop to look at me in this way. My heart dont stop to beats like a crazy one from before. Ours flow of energies, between us. didnt stop, and i feel you here near to me. I feel something more. You want say me something. Our connection, aint been so stronger than before, like in this moment. You know, i dont ever wrong, and what i feel, in this moment, in these days, is stronger than ever. My mind is toward to you, i know, you know it, you feel it. My feelings make bigger, and you know it. When i feel you close, in these days, my heart explodes, and together, we enter in our parallel world so easily. There i can feel you take my hand, you’re in front of me. Eyes in eyes. But what you try to say me is in the air. You just look at me, you caress my face. And your lips touches on mine.
Here my feelings cant hold back. What i feeling in these hours is one of biggest feelings i felt till now for you. I do believe to drive crazy. I feel you by my side, here in this bedroom.


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