This continuos

lukepurple_forteflow of energies among us today doesnt stops. I love it when happens. I thinking to you and in someways, you do the same. That’s how our parallel world works. I really dont know where are you or what are you doing, but i feel you so close to me. I dont need to close my eyes, i just feel you here by my side. And i’m sure you feel the same vise in your stomach. I take a deep breath and i feel your presence near mine. I feel you take my hand to your heart. It beats like a crazy one. Like mine. We are catapulted in ours parallel world, like we were ever been before.  You in front of me, like me, breathless. We never felt us so closer than before.  I feel you so close and i can imagine what are you feel right now. Our minds get connecting so faster. I dont know where are you or what are you doing. But what i’m feeling in this moment is something bigger than normal feeling i feel when you’re by my side. This continuos flow of energies among us growing fast. Im sure you feel the same. I close my eyes and you are here, looking at my eyes, smiling at me, whispering me ‘It’s all alright’, you coming close to me, taking my face in your hands ‘I feel the same’. I caress you face, approaching to you. My hands are on your chest. I looking at down on the floor, for a while. ‘Look at me’ you say me, you raising my face. Eyes in eyes. You caress gently my hair, then you touch on my lips with yours.



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