I feeling



you coming and going. I felt you earlier, when i was on the couch, close to me and that has happened. I checked your favorite social media and you was there. Now i calling you, whispering your name and something¬† moves inside of me, slowly. Our minds get connnecting. I whispering to your essence, your soul. And suddendly you’re here. My dancing butterflies begins their own dance. A slow dance.¬† I feel you coming fast to me. It’s incredible how all that happening among us. But i dont must surprise myself. We are on the same level of sensibility. And are few people reach this level of communication.¬† Maybe you take me as a crazy one… maybe not. You believe me, if i say you, since it has began this ours connection, since we have ours parallel world, i feel myself complete. You complete me. I need just of you and nobody else’s. And you know how you make me feel. Alive. Also if you really dont know me, i feel something we are closer more. What we feeling for eachother goes beyond further explications. And if i close my eyes i can see you by my side. And you feel the same, i have no doubts. Our sensibility is a rare thing. And despite ours distance we are so close in ours parallel world.


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