You reached

whoforteme in this way, slowly. I felt you. Ours flow has began to melt together. I here, and you in somewhere on other side of the planet. But so close to me. If i close my eyes i can see you look at me, in this way with your untied shirt and you whisper me to come close to you. Breathless i blush a little, but you take my hands I take it and slowly i lay myself to your bare chest. I smell your skin, touching it so kindly. Your eyes on me, and you begins to caress my hair till you reach my face. Your glance just for me. An istant. You slowly approach my lips, there ours parallel world explodes and ours souls melting like didnt ever before. I slide my hand into your shirt and slowly falls over your arms and you stay in this way, looking at me. In your eyes i can see your desire to subside yourself in me. You feel my desire of your body. You feel what i feeling in this moment. We feel the same feeling.We melting us together and to stay in this limbo for long time. ‘Forever’ you whisper me kissing me.


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