00323fortebegining to call me, i feel you. But to be sincere i didnt stop to feel you close to me from before. You sorrounded me. But now im here in front of you, in front of this pc screen, and my mind is toward to you our connection is stronger. I looking at you. In these eyes i can see our parallel world and i see you stretch your arms to take mine to get in together. My breath make faster til i remain breathless watching to you. I must to close my eyes to dont drive crazy for what i feeling right now, i’m in front of you. Your glance into my eyes. You come closer to me. I can feel your breath too. I cant stop to look at you, my thoughts fly away. With no add any words, you understand everything. You taking my face in your hands. Face to face, we touch ours skin and for magic and so slowly, ours lips touch on eachother. A kiss soft like a veil. Ours lips barely touches. Little infinite kisses. Right after we look at us. My hand touches your face, it caress it, till reach your skin mole, and you do the same with mine. We stay in this way for a long moment. In front of us, what we feel and we see, are our lights melting. From ours bodies begins a lights dance that arounds us. What we feel is absolutely unique. Ours warm made by all ours feelings. An emotional twirl. A moltitude of colored feelings. And this continuos flow of energy trought ours minds. An exhange of emotional flows is what we feeling when we connect us.


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