It’s useless

brokenhill_sommaTo find to stop my feelings. When i feeling you so close to me i must write you, what are my feelings, what i have inside in me. Despite our distance, i feeling you so close to me. and if i close my eyes i feel you here by myside, smiling at me, taking my hands to your heart and i feel it beats so faster like mine. I dont know what are you do now. But what i feel is your closeness make bigger. Breathless i can see you here in this bedroom. What i feel is your glance on me througth this pc screen. Dont take me like crazy one. I know you will dont. Cause you feel the same. And what we feel in this moment are ours souls get connectin eachother. Ours lights melting in the sky and your light has coming to me, like mine it has coming to you. Our minds feeling this energy flow, to travel till reach ours parallel world and to enter in. There you take my face in your hands, you look at me, mentioning me a little smile. Eyes in eyes and a little kiss on my lips. ‘How i desire you next to me’ you whisper me. I look at you, i caress you face. ‘You know what you must to do, when you want me next to you…. you did it…. i’m here’ I looking at you, in your eyes. Hands in hands we look at up the sky. Ours lights still melting. They will do till we will be together, till we will need it, till we will feel us close.
How we feel us close, despite ours distance.


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