Tell me

owen_forteWhat your eyes see when you look at me. Tell me what are your feeling when you are close to me, when you think about me. If you feel the same feeling i feel when i close my eyes and i feel you around me. Do you feel the same vise in the stomach and do you feel that strange warm feelin around and inside of you. If you feel the same, something real has happening among us.
Tell me you rembember my name, tell me you rembember you wrote me. Tell me all that. Tell me you feeling me as i’m doing in this moment. I’m closing my eyes, i taking a long breath to dont remain without oxygen. Tell me your heart begins to beats faster, and your feeling what i’m feeling right now. Ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts get connecting eachother, and if you close your eyes you can see a shadow of mine.
I stay here. I see you.
You looking at me from the other side of the planet, but we are in ours parellel world, and here everything could happens. Now i feel you approaching to me. Slowly you take my hips and we are in front. We are feeling us so close. I just take a look at you and i’m by your side. Your glance is on me. What i’m feeling is inexplicable. Your eyes are an ocean of emotions and these your emotions are towards to me.
This is what we feeling together, in ours parellel world. Just ours.


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