Here i’m


Smiling. I didnt want check, but i felt you so close to me and you had tweeted. Now im biting my lips, and im smiling. That’s how ours parellel world works. I bet you smiling too. Now i feel you so close. Around me. Your soul, your heart beats like mine. I’m still surprising myself all that could be has happened among two people who never met eachother. but it has happening. We are us. I bet you checking some of my notification i left  you on twitter. I still cant believe it. I shaking my head and my heart exploding. Ours parellel world is so close to us, and despite our distance we feel us so closer than ever. My head exploding. I feeling your warm hug arounds me. We are so close. That’s incredible. I feel you feel the same. Tell me you, it’s the same for you, tell me all that. I look at you and what i see is just ours parallel world. You there. Me in front of this pc screen, but what i feel when you’re close to me, when you take my hand to enter in ours world, goes beyond all the limits. It’s something magic. Ours parellel world has the right potion to connect us eachother. And im sure, the day we will meet us, has coming soon.


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