You, here

Since i woke myself i felt you approched to me slowly, and now you’re around me. If i close my eyes i can  see you smiling to me. My vise is stronger than ever inside of me. I know it’s you. Your closeness embracing me all, and i feel your arms around me, and you whisper me. I look at you, your eyes. Your glance on me, i feel it, despite your distance and whatever you do now, i feel your thoughts are towards to me. My soul turning, and what it see is your light and my soul wants to reach to your lights. I feel your whisper ‘Close your eyes, i’m coming’. I taking a deep breath, also. Closing my eyes, i catch a glimpse of you. And right after i feel your hand taking mine. ‘Just still a while’ you say me. You take my face in your hands and right after i can feel your mouth on mine. You kissing me. You leave me breath. I open my eyes and what i see yours eyes close to me. The only thing i can do is touch your face, your soft skin, touch your skin mole and continue to kiss you skin, till reach again to your mouth.
When i feeling in this way, so close me, it’s incredible how i’m feeling. Something incredible has happening among us. I feel your soul, your heart, but above all your mind, your thoughts, your deepest ones. My feelings are differents. Im feel your lack, but at the same your closeness to me. My feelings are so strange. but i’m  sure you feeling this same feelings. I miss you, but at the same time i feel you so close to me. My soul is full of you. I feel your warm inside of me. And when i see in your eyes, what i see is just our parellel world, and you see it too. I really dont know what will happens when we will meet us for real.
I feel you  so close to me right now.



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