You came next to me. I felt you. You whispered my name. I felt you. You was behind me. I felt your hands hold my hips and you whispered ‘Come away from what you doing. Come to me’. I felt everything. Now i closing my eyes and together we taking a deep breath. You taking my hands and i feeling your breath making faster. My eyes are still closing but i feel your glance on me. If i open now, my eyes, i believe to remain speechless. But you touch on my face and slowly, you say me ‘open them, i want to see your soul’. I’m in front of you, opening my eyes. What i seeing is my parellel world in your glance. And you smiling at me. My heart exploding. Slowly i touch on your face. Your skin is so soft. You let me reach to your skin mole. I caress it and i remain breathless. How is it possible that a little thing drives me crazy. And your eyes looking at me in this way? I look at you. You look at me. We want to say us something but we cant. We are hypnotized by what we see into ours eyes. Our feeling, ours closeness, despite ours distance. We feel ours hands on our bodies. Ours softness, ours whispers. What we would like to say us. Just we what feel are ours feelings, what we feeling, eachtime we are close, our deep├Ęst feelings. Feelings that goes beyond love. Feelings inexplicables.


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