Suddenly here you are. And you look at me with your eyes, and i remain breathless. You give me the most big and warmest hug. And a whisper ‘I’m sorry’.  Ours eyes meet them and you without hesitation, you kiss me. A kiss so passionate and sweet as you do usually. Breathless then i look at you and i hug you so. ‘That’ incredible, how we feel us’. Me in this bedroom, so far from you, and you wherever you are. We feel us.
My feeling begins to be stronger, when i feel you here close to me. I just cant believe how ours connection works. Now i feel you around me, and my vise is bigger and ours parellel world has opens the gates. Dancing trought ours lights, we enter in it. I feel yours hands hold tight mine. Your glance doesnt stop to look at me, and i feel you inside of me, my heart beating so faster. We are in front, while ours lights envelop us. Our eyes into eachother. Into them we see ours feelings. ‘Isnt love’ you whisper me, taking my hand to you chest. I look at you and i finish the phrase ‘it’s something goes beyond love’. Just a while of silence. Eyes in eyes. We approach us. We kiss us. We remain in this way for long time. Ours souls melting.


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