Here it

australiafox_forteagain. The feelings. That vise that takes me everytime i feel you next to me. It leaves me breathless, and you’re here. I close my eyes and i see you. Yours eyes on mine. Your thoughts toward to me. And i cant breath. I close my eyes, and i feel you behind me. Your chest against my back. Some whispers and we enter in ours parellel world in a moment. What i’m feeling in these istants, is bigger than my heart and i think it may explode at any time. You with your deep voice say me ‘Take a breath’ and at the same, you turn me round. Now in front, i see your eyes into mine. And you take my hand and you put it on your chest, and slowly you make slide it in your shirt. I feel your skin. Breathless i close my eyes to dont drive crazy. A little rustle. Your smell arounds me. Slowly i open my eyes and i see you looking at me. You take my blushed face, and slowly you approach to me. Face to face, eyes in eyes, the only thing you do is touch on my lips in a kiss so passionately sweet. You kissing, me, im flying.


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