What im feeling

Right now it’s an amazing feeling.08-03_20190somma My dancing butterflies driving crazy and i cant stop to think about you. I know for sure you feel something like my feelings. From this night i feeling you closer than ever. And your soul embracing me. I feel it so. Its like a veil, but now this veil more warmer and i know it’s your soul and heart. I know your asking yourself some questions about me. Maybe you’ve read that post where i’ve talked about myself, maybe not. But i know what it does means what he has passing. With less suffering, i had face to many legs operations, since i was born.

My first leg operation was when i was 1 year of life. They broke my feet to straighten them. Then i have had other 8 legs operations. And consequently scars (big scars), years of physioteraphy, til then last big fall, where i broke my tibia  (multifractures) one year ago due an epileptic seizure (im suffering of it). In emergency room, the only images i had on my mind were these of your LongJohn and i’ve had lived the same scene of yours. When the doctor said me ‘It must be operated’, the only image i had on my mind it was yours and my tears felt down from my face. Another leg operation, i just cant believed it.
Isnt the same that he has passing, but i know what it does means. All the pain. All the work of rehabilitation and above all  will strenght to goes on… And you, in my case above  all for the lastest leg operation, gave me such strenght and i never stop to thank you enough for this.


Your Daria

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