longjohnforteyours Long John Silver, i feel like today. My leg does hurts me so me and i just cant believe, from  this morning i feel your closeness to me. I just want to whisper you ‘How much i need you in these hours’. I closing my eyes and i can see you there. You stretching yours arms to take me. I feel your skin. I feel you inside of me. It seems strange, but it’s that it. In this dress that i’m dressin i feel something of yours. Yes, im a little crazy, but i  love think it’s like this. In someways, when my leg does hurts me in this way, i love to think to yours Long John, my pirate, my soulmate who encourages me to goes on, like he did. This is the strenght you gave me, playing your Long John. It seeem a stupid thing, but isnt. And maybe you know it, how much strenght you gave me and it was from long time i didnt whispered you this little thank you. To me it’s very important to let you know it. You gave me a lot of strenght to goes on, to have face to my lastest leg operation. And i’m sure you know it how i feel.
Maybe ours connection is made also of this.  And now i feel you so close to me. For real if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath here we are in our parellel world. There embracing us tight.


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